Busing to and from Resurrection-St. Paul School is provided by Howard County at no charge to our families. The bus district is set by Howard County and changes slightly each year based on the Resurrection-St. Paul School population. The 2019-2020 Bus Routes will help you find a bus stop near you.

Families that reside outside of the designated bus routes drive students to and from school, often arranging carpools with other families in their area. These families may also opt to drive to or pick up students from a designated bus stop listed on the Bus Route list above but MUST receive pre-authorization from Howard County. Contact the school office for the form to be considered for bus use outside of the bus boundaries.

Please note Howard County policy states that students who are not routine bus riders may only ride the school bus with the pre-approval of the school administration which is only allowed in the event of an unforeseen emergency. Students who are routine bus riders may not ride a bus other than the one they have been assigned without the pre-authorization of the school administration. 

If you have a bus route or bus stop concern, please submit a written explanation to the school office.  Please call the school office with a safety concern, not the Howard County Department of Pupil Transportation.  The Howard County Department of Pupil Transportation has asked that matters be handled through the school first.  If necessary the administration will contact the proper Howard County personnel.