Parent Volunteering

Each family with a child/ren in full day PreK-3 through Grade 8 is required to provide 30 hours of service to the school. Families with a child in the ½ day PreK-3 or PreK-4 only (no other sibling attending full day) are required to provide 15 hours of service to the school.  Single-parent families are obligated to perform 15 hours of service.  Single-family service hours fee status must be presented to and approved by Rosanna Rensberger, school principal, prior to October 1st of the current school year.

The full service fee is $450 or $225 for a single parent household or a family with only a half day preschool student. Families not fulfilling their service requirement will be charged for unmet hours at the rate of $15 per hour.

Service hours are due in the log book by May 15th.  There is a physical log book that can be found in the front office of the school, or you may log your hours online using the link at the bottom of this page.  If you use the online service hour log, you will need your family ID number.  Please email the office at to receive this information. Outstanding service fees will be charged to the family’s FACTS account on June 20th.  If a family knows that they will be performing service hours for the school after the May 1st deadline, they should log that service into the service hour log book, prior to May 15th, and indicate what their service will be and the hours and date it will be performed.  An example of this would be service hours for graduation, end of the year class parties, etc.  Parents may accrue hours for service with the Church of the Resurrection CYO basketball leagues and the Church of the Resurrection or St. Paul's sponsored Scout groups.  Each hour of CYO or Scout volunteer time counts as a half hour of volunteer time.  Up to 15 hours of CYO or Scout troop time may be logged towards volunteer service for a family or 7.5 hours for a  single-family household.  The remaining 15 or 7.5 hours needs to be performed for the direct benefit of the school.

Service Hours Online Log