Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch is available daily at Resurrection-St. Paul School through Abundance Catering.   Abundance Catering uses the myschoolaccount platform which provides two ways to purchase your child(ren)'s lunches using a credit/debit card or electronic check. Families may pre-order online up until midnight the night before the service or "Load" your child's account with money that he/she can then use to pay for food the day of service.  For additional information regarding the Hot Lunch Program, please contact the program coordinator, Mrs. Karina Dulaney.

Hot Lunch Resources

Resurrection-St. Paul School also offers daily milk separate from the hot lunch program. The milk program involves the pre-payment of $12 per milk order for the entire school year. An order form is sent to school families the first week of school.  We offer 1% white or nonfat chocolate milk. Milk cannot be purchased through Abundance Catering.