Each year Resurrection-St. Paul School picks a theme that reflects our values and Catholic identity. Throughout the year, that theme is incorporated in the liturgical practices, classroom instruction, the vocations cross, and is applied in the outreach that we practice.

2017-2018 Theme

Be Strong and Courageous

As a school community, throughout the year we will focus on the reading from Joshua where God tells him that in all things, be strong and courageous, do not worry, for God is always with us.  We will explore the meaning of super hero through the lives of the saints.

We end each day with the following prayer:  

Give us courage when we are afraid.
Give us strength when we feel weak.
Give us faith to believe that you are always with us,
Through injury, illness, and hardship.
Give us wisdom to understand our talents and
the ability to use them lovingly.
Give us perseverance to follow your command, so that we all may be
Saints and true heroes of God.
We ask this through Christ our Lord,